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05 Sep 13

Linux Mint 12 On ASUS Eee PC

In a previous article, I talked about setting up my Asus Eee computer with eee-control on Ubuntu. Today, this is no longer valid if you’re using Ubuntu 11.10 or Linux Mint 12. Now you must run different software. Not only that, now more than ever disenchanted Ubuntu users are switching to Linux Mint due to the ongoing frustrations presented with the Unity desktop. The great news for folks wanting to switch to Linux Mint is that Ubuntu packages and PPAs work great in Mint. Even better, you have additional Gnome desktop choices made available.


05 Sep 13

Audio Problems With Skype For Ubuntu

Today Iian asks:

My friend bought a Logitech 720 which includes camera and microphone, mainly for Skype. In short, it doesn’t do the job in Ubuntu, but works fine under Windows 7.

I checked it on this computer and it acts exactly the same way (except that I have no Windows here). The first problem is that the microphone doesn’t work under Ubuntu. I checked the Sound Settings on the Input tab and the microphone is recognized, but it fails to respond (i.e. the Input level never gets off zero).

Likewise in Cheese the image has lines through it and you can see signs of another “red” image. Do you have any suggestions? If not I will definitely NOT buy the camera until it has a better driver.