Best Linux Distros for Developers

One of the common questions I get asked is “which Linux distro is best for developers?” The short answer is that it depends. The long answer takes the form of this article. This piece will dive into the different Linux distros favored by developers. It’ll also provide some insight as to why there is no automatic (simple) answer for why… Read more →

Google Fuchsia: Inside Google’s new ‘Fuchsia’ OS

(Written on Aug 22nd, 2016) What is Google Fuchsia? That’s a question being asked a lot – recently techies have been abuzz about a new operating system called Fuchsia being developed by, yes, Google. Here’s what we’ve been told: It’s not based on Linux. It’s using the Dart scripting language. It’s a command line only experience at the moment. You… Read more →

Linux & Whatnot – Creative Commons CEO (Ryan Merkley)

Linux & Whatnot (with Lunduke & Hartley) – Episode 8. We have a conversation with the CEO of Creative Commons (Ryan Merkley) about earning a living with Free Culture licensed content and what the Creative Commons is up to lately. Want an audio-only feed? KABLAMO:… The (offically official) Linux & Whatnot Sub-Reddit:… === The Cast! === == Bryan… Read more →

Thunderbird Email: In-Depth

The Thunderbird email client is a true standard. Over the years, there have been countless email clients for various operating systems. None has come close to making the impact on the open source community of Mozilla’s Thunderbird. In this article, I’ll dive deep into what makes Thunderbird email relevant in 2016. Thunderbird Email emerges from Minotaur Thunderbird email has a… Read more →