My dog Murphy had his spleen removed today

As described in my previous post, my dog Murphy had his spleen removed today. There was a huge growth on it that was pressing against his stomach. Surgery was a success, however the cost was huge. Deets here: To pay for the cost, (over $2000) along with post surgery and treatment going forward, my wife put together this campaign… Read more →

Software to Record Linux Tutorials

Today Dan writes: Matt I have long wavered between Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Windows. With the onslaught of privacy invasion from Windows 10. The decision has been made to run desktops from Linux Mint and keep my headless Ubuntu Servers. My question: what apps do you use to record/stream your desktop while using your camera to insert your face live on the bottom… Read more →

Nitrogen on the MATE Desktop

Today Kai writes: Hi there, Maybe you can help me. Iā€™m running Linux mint mate 18 and very new user. I downloaded nitrogen to change wallpapers on dual screens. Every time I try to change wallpaper, nothing happens. the old wall paper is still there. but when i turn off my system, I see a glimpse of the wallpapers I… Read more →