Sabayon Bizarre But Useful

Written by Michael Huff: Sabayon, which gets its name from the the Italian egg-derived dessert known as zabaione, is a distribution that we don’t hear too much about these days, although the British Linux press gave it some love a few years ago. It was unassuming…with a hint of mystery. I tried it back then, when I was still fairly… Read more →

Attributes of Effective Project Managers

Written by Jacob Roecker: In most work spaces, individuals are at least partially motivated by their salary to contribute to the project for which they are assigned.  Leaders may possess various and commendable attributes in this scenario but they have the ability to leverage salary to motivate others.  What happens when the salary isn’t there and how does it change… Read more →

My Mom Runs Linux!

 Written by Joe Collins: People are coming to Linux in droves these days. They each have their own reasons. It could be a desire to get out from under the thumb of proprietary software’s limitations, privacy concerns or just plain old economics. Some of them find a whole new world of computing happiness and others walk away frustrated. Why is… Read more →

How to Secure Your Ubuntu Network

In 2016, keeping your Ubuntu network secure is more important than ever. Despite what some people might think, there’s much more to this than merely putting up a router to protect a network. You must also configure each of your PCs properly to ensure you’re operating within a secure Ubuntu network. This article will show you how. Absolute Ubuntu network… Read more →