Your Beard Doesn’t Intimidate Me Anymore!

Linux is a community environment.  Whether it’s the professionals over at RedHat, Canonical, and Suse or the guys who got together and decided to create Hannah Montana Linux, behind every project there’s usually a community.  My first attempt at Linux came in the desert in Iraq.  We were building a router lab and I had a couple of blade servers lying around but couldn’t get the Microsoft 2003 server key from our IT guys.  So the other resident nerd on site and I started downloading Linux Distros to check them out.

OpenSuse was awesome, Ubuntu was in its infancy, and I had no idea what I was doing.  At night I’d trudge through forum after forum trying to figure out how the OS could help solve the problems I was creating and experiencing.  There were a lot of posts for post-windows users and not all of them were kind.  Many of them were written with a rather mocking or haughty tone.  There was almost a standard litmus tests on posts where the person would casually mention how long they’ve been running Linux.  Anything less than five years was a noob and others on the forum would point it out.  There were a lot of good, kind voices, but they were often drowned out by those with a chip on their shoulder. (Read the rest)