Why The Ubuntu Phone Failed

In April 2017, Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth announced that their support of the Ubuntu phone convergence was no longer something they were going to invest in. Looking back on this decision, I can understand where they were coming from. Let’s face it, we live in an Android/iOS landscape and all other entries into this space are just spinning their wheels.

Considering other projects that failed to garner needed traction such as WebOS, Firefox OS, among others, it’s understandable why Canonical decided to refocus their efforts into other areas. Well, at least with cloud services. I differ with them on IoT and believe they’re destined to repeat mistakes found with convergence.

The issue at hand is that Canonical tried to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. While I would agree that with IoT Canonical could offer improved security over current IoT devices, the problem is consumers simply don’t care. And folks, let me be clear – this matters a great deal. (Read the rest)