Why ChromeOS Tops Linux, Mac and Windows

Those who know me best are quick to let me know: I’m a touch stubborn on certain matters. But there is one area where I’ve found myself caving to the pressures of reality. In this article, I’ll make a case for why I believe ChromeOS might end up winning the OS wars.

Desktop operating systems are dangerous

Much like mishandling a sharp stick, any operating system that easily allows you to access root or super user powers is potentially dangerous. In 2015, the single biggest threat to your computer’s security is sitting at your desk, typing on your keyboard. This is why more people than ever are gravitating towards tablets, smart phones and yes, Chromebooksas their main computing device.

All of these devices come locked down so that accessing something dangerous to that device is much more difficult to do. Whether you run rm -r / on a Mac or on Linux, or install something terrible on Windows – there are simply too many opportunities for the less tech savvy to destroy their operating system installation.

To be clear: I’m not suggesting that everyone in the world should abandon their current desktop operating system. Doing so would be impractical at best, potentially disastrous at worst. What I’m suggesting is that regardless of how we feel about it, ChromeOS is in many ways the winning operating system for casual users. (Read the rest at Datamation)