Where the hell is HowTo Linux?

(No longer part of this project, see details here)


Nearly every day this month, I’ve received daily emails that look a lot like this one.

Hey Matt, So I heard from Chris today that HowToLinux is coming really soon. I’m wondering just if that’s means May soon or June soon, because I know last June was when HowToLinux with that other guy started and only last 5 episodes I think?

In addition to emails, I was also asked countless times at LFNW about the scheduled release date.

My answer is as follows — I don’t know for sure. We’re shooting for May/June at this rate, most likely latter May.

I genuinely appreciate and thank each of you for being excited about its release. Seriously, this is great to see and I know our AWESOME producer q5 is also happy to see so much interest. He’s been working hard to get this done with me as quickly as possible.

So what’s the deal? Why the hang up?

Format and episode flow. The core issue behind the scenes is that I must make absolutely sure my content is 110% correct. Early on, I screwed up just enough to force us to re-record some core content. And second piece of the puzzle is making sure the format is what we want. With a tutorial series, you get one shot to get it right. Unlike a normal podcast, accuracy and format need to be consistent with each episode.

Lastly, these are to be very short episodes. Potentially 5 minutes or 10 minutes at most. This is less of a show and more of a HowTo Get Things Done series. 🙂

Hopefully this answers your questions. If there are any serious future delays/issues, I will be announcing it here.

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