Videos Coming Soon to Freedom Penguin

Phase two is go!

(reference point from Jul 18, 2015)

Over the past few days, I’ve been preparing…for something that I’ve had in the works for months. Video — it’s happening…..and it’s going to focus on entertainment and information. This will NOT be a podcast – it’s better….and it’s about damn time.

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(The above intro was commissioned by me and is a combination effort between my wife and a freelance intro creator)

As I begin to move into the second phase of my efforts with Freedom Penguin, the next step is to do the following:

Just Ask Matt (video edition) – I will be bringing some of my Just Ask Matt articles to video, in addition to including video with all future Just Ask Matt articles on Freedom Penguin. The videos will feature both on-screen (ffmpeg/mplayer) webcam with a desktop view and a separate, secondary HD camera (depending on the content).


Software reviews (video edition) – I’ve decided that my video reviews will be based on Arch and Ubuntu only. The first review has been voted on and will be Gufw. Distro views will follow. As with Just Ask Matt, videos will feature both on-screen (ffmpeg/mplayer) webcam with a desktop view and a separate, secondary HD camera (depending on the content). I intended initially to start here, but plans changed — so here we are in phase 2 instead.


Exclusive features (video edition) – My own favorite how-tos, time savers and more mentioned in phase 2.

Patreon – Here in the coming week, I’m launching a Patreon campaign to help offset the tremendous amount time it takes to put something like this together. The Freedom Penguin Patreon campaign will before the above content only. Viewing availability is open to all, of course.

Freedom Penguin articles and other related content will continue to be posted over at Freedom Penguin — nothing changes. Articles will continue going up as I complete them and my contributors submit them.

Speaking of contributions, a huge thank you to my Freedom Penguin contributors!

You guys are amazing and I couldn’t do it without you! The traffic and publicity we’ve received has been amazing! I can’t get over how fast and how popular your great contributions have been! Keep ’em coming! 🙂