Top Web Browsers for Linux

No matter which Linux distro you prefer, I believe the web browser remains the most commonly used software application. In this article, I’ll share the best browsers available to Linux users.

Chrome – No matter how you feel about the Chrome browser, one only need to realize the following: Local news still streams in Flash and Chrome supports this. Netflix is supported using Chrome. And of course, Chrome is faster than any other browser out there. Did I mention the oodles of Chrome extensions available including various remote desktop solutions? No matter how you slice it, Chrome is king of the jungle.

Chromium – If you would rather use the open source core for Chrome called Chromium. This is basically the Chrome browser without Flash pre-installed and other tidbits found in Chrome proper. It’s a solid option for anyone looking for Chrome’s speed without dealing with PepperFlash or support for proprietary media goodies like AAC, H.264 and MP3. Both Chrome and Chromium support Opus, Theora, Vorbis, VP8, VP9, and WAV playback. (Read the rest)