Top Tips For Migrating from Windows to Linux

t’s easy to forget how intimidating it can be when trying something completely new for the first time. This is especially true when a power-user comfortable with Windows tries Linux. Since I’m a power user of various Linux distros, Windows and OS X, I have some insights that I think people looking to migrate to Linux need to read. Let’s get started, shall we?

Linux is not Windows

The first thing that people who migrate from Windows need to understand is that Linux is not Windows. People seem to forget this fact when they experience something completely foreign while using Linux. Like when the audio doesn’t appear to work despite the volume slider being adjusted or the default video driver doesn’t offer expected gaming performance, among other areas of confusion.

Linux newcomers must realize: this is Linux, and 99% of the time there is a reason or a fix that addresses an unexpected issue. (Read the rest at Datamation)