Top Open Source Creativity Apps

There is a common belief among non-Linux users that there aren’t any good creative applications from the open source camp. In truth, this is absolutely false. The key is knowing which applications are needed to complete a specific task. In this article, I’ll share my recommendations for the top open source creativity apps.

OpenShot – Despite the long delay, the latest OpenShot is the perfect video editor for the budding YouTube creator. Most compare this software to Premiere Elements. I think it’s more advanced than that, but its user-friendly interface is simple enough anyone can use it reliably. Since OpenShot uses (at least the old version did) MLT profiles, there’s not much one can’t do with this software in terms of creating high quality video edits. If you need to work with ProRes, for example, ffmpeg can help with that. OpenShot 2.x is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. (Read the rest at Datamation)