Thunderbird Email: In-Depth

The Thunderbird email client is a true standard. Over the years, there have been countless email clients for various operating systems. None has come close to making the impact on the open source community of Mozilla’s Thunderbird. In this article, I’ll dive deep into what makes Thunderbird email relevant in 2016.

Thunderbird Email emerges from Minotaur

Thunderbird email has a long history. Years ago, the functionality we’ve come to enjoy in Thunderbird was baked into what was once called the Mozilla Suite. This application provided the Mozilla browser and email capabilities we enjoy today in two separate programs.

In 2003, Mozilla presented a new phase in how they offered software to their users. Instead of primarily focusing only on a single integrated suite, Mozilla would release two separate programs – Phoenix and Minotaur. Over time, these two projects evolved into the now super-popular Firefox and Thunderbird. (Read the rest)