Software to Record Linux Tutorials

Today Dan writes:

Matt I have long wavered between Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Windows. With the onslaught of privacy invasion from Windows 10. The decision has been made to run desktops from Linux Mint and keep my headless Ubuntu Servers. My question: what apps do you use to record/stream your desktop while using your camera to insert your face live on the bottom right of your screen. As you are a podcast guru, I would like your suggestions on apps and any tips as I am planning on creating a few how to’s for my family in Linux Mint because they have all decided to go that route as well. A few how to’s will save me time in repeating things over and over and enlighten me in an area I’ve wanted to explore for some time. Keep up the good work, your team’s articles are very appreciated and well written.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the kind words. And congrats on moving your family over to Linux. Once you have a distro setup and keep it maintained, it’s so much easier in terms of avoiding malware or junk software. Getting to your question.

I like to use SimpleScreenRecorder, Audacity and then I edit stuff with Kdenlive. There are a few different approaches you can take here. For example, if you’re doing tutorials with a less than powerful PC, you can record the audio on another PC while capturing video demonstrations from the more powerful PC. My PC is thankfully powerful enough to capture everything on a single box. This allows me to achieve the desired result without skipping a beat. (Read the rest)