PulseAudio is a Toilet Full of Roses

Before I even begin, allow me to save you some time. If you’re convinced that PulseAudio is going to ruin your Linux experience, then you can try the tips in this article to disable it in Ubuntu. Should you try to remove it, good luck. Yes, it’s “possible“, but it’s not something I recommend. For everyone else, keep reading.

I can honestly say with a straight face that I’ve never, ever had any real show-stopping issues with PulseAudio. Yeah, I know – you have. And so have many others. I guess this means I’m blessed by the Linux audio gods, as my PulseAudio experience has never been anything other than mundane and functional.

Now, before we go any further, there is something you must understand. Most of the issues you read about in forums regarding PulseAudio are nonsense. (Read the rest)