Paying It Forward & Linux Photography

Regardless of your station in life, I’ve found there is one truth we can all relate to: What goes around, comes around.

I was thrilled to see this happen with my successful T-Shirt campaign. As a result of everyone’s generosity, the community will see me pay it forward by using those funds to invest into a long overdue Linux-specific project of mine…to be announced soon.hand

But this post isn’t about me. No, this is about offering a hand to someone I know personally who despite tremendous challenges, continues to fight to re-discover success. His name is Erich Eickmeyer. He’s made contributions to the Linux community by providing past production support for the Linux Action Show and sharing open source photography tips.

Invest in the Eickmeyer FamilyAt my urging, Erich has agreed to run a GoFundMe so that he can re-launch his photography business (needing very basic equipment critical to its success) and the ability to weather out the hot months in a 4th story apartment by having access to air conditioning for his family. His current situation and history has been posted in third-person on his campaign page since it’s the best way to present his circumstances.

Why should you care

1) You’ll have my gratitude. This might not sound like much, but I’ve proven to be a worthwhile guy to have in your corner in a pinch.

2) A serious Linux photography podcast. Supporting this campaign means Erich will be in a position to develop a Linux/Open Source -Centric podcast. He will be demonstrating a work-flow that shows how to get near professional results on a limited budget.

3) Paying it forward is just commonsense. Helping out someone who genuinely wants to give back to the community benefits us all. It’s a value for value proposition which offers a tangible result we all benefit from.

What I need you to do

Step 1) Share this post. Even if you’re broke, simply sharing this post will increase the odds of enough people seeing it that are able to help. If you share, mention clearly that a Linux-centric photography podcast is on the horizon, people will support it. This gives folks an incentive to contribute who might otherwise be on the fence.

Step 2) Invest a ten-spot or more. Skip that coffee, pizza or outing for one week. Let’s face it, the value you’ll get making a tangible difference in someone’s life outweighs the short term value of a pizza! Take those funds, invest in Erich’s ability to keep his family cool this summer and re-build a photography business BUILT ON LINUX. If everyone reading this invested just $10, the end-goal could be reached in a matter of days.

Due to a recent (publicly broadcasted) dust up, please understand…this is NOT a JB production. This is for Erich’s family. This is pretty crystal clear from the deets above, but here it is regardless.

Just $10 or more, goes a long way for someone who is excited to invest himself back into the community.