Which Linux Desktop is Right For You?

Over the years, the debate over the best Linux desktop environment has raged on. KDE, Gnome, one of the lighter weight Linux desktops – there are so many options to choose from. In this article, I’ll examine the variety of desktops available and compare them accordingly…. (Read the rest at Datamation.com)

Windows vs Linux: The 2015 Version

Now that everyone has had time to examine Windows 10, it seems like a good time to finally do a proper Windows vs. Linux showdown. After all, I waited until Windows caught up in turns of features and user interface. For the sake of common sense, I’ve decided to use Ubuntu as our default Linux … [Read more…]

Howto LINUX Updates

(No longer part of this project, see details here)   A few of you have emailed me, asking about the progress of Howto LINUX. When’s it coming out, when will it be posted, how long, etc. In this update, I’ll provide as many pertinent details as possible. The deets – There will be 4 episodes … [Read more…]

Coming soon….Married And Amused

After snorting pixie sticks and slamming espresso shooters for a few weeks now, my wife (Amanda) and I are just about ready to launch our new audio show. It has a proper format, is clever as hell and you will subliminally find yourself subscribing to it. With its first episode scheduled for release this Saturday, Married And Amused is … [Read more…]

Secret to Desktop Linux Adoption

Every few months, new articles roll out proclaiming “this year” to be the year of the Linux Desktop. A wide selection of reasons are cited, explanations given, and various acts of patting we Linux users on the backs takes place. I’d be first to admit that it’s worth celebrating each time something is made more … [Read more…]


  Greeting all, So by now, most of you know my last day at the Linux Action Show is January 25th. And with this, I’ll be taking over as the host of HowTo LINUX in February. So what does this mean and what does this NOT mean? Let me break it down as follows. I … [Read more…]

Why Linux Isn’t Winning Over Mac Users

Despite my affinity for the Linux desktop, I’m still part of the Mac world, thanks to my wife and her preference for OS X. As such, this means helping out with TimeMachine backups, software updates and handling anything that might happen to come up when she needs a hand. Much like one might find with … [Read more…]

New Projects!

Projects to be announced.   Sunday the 11th – _____________ Once my wife is done being sick – ___________________ More to follow.

Linux Malware vs Phishing Schemes

For years now, we’ve been told about the dangers of how various types of malware like worms and other threats were going to catch the growing Linux user base off guard. As of the year 2014, nothing remotely close to this has happened. Malware exists, but for desktop Linux users, it’s a non-issue….Read the rest