LinuxGameCast Weekly EP138 – Hartley Interesting

Are you looking for an episode with missed lines, a confused guest-host and ample WTF — then the first 10 minutes will fill you ear-holes with ample success. The rest turned out pretty well, though. To be ultimately fair, it had already been a long day…and I’m clearly getting old. (Shownotes)  

The Open Source Funding Conundrum

Every time I hear of another great open source project shutting its doors, I hold my breath in hopes it will be forked. Sadly though, this isn’t a great plan for all projects. Sometimes these projects are rich in users but poor in developers. In this article, I’ll explore this issue and what can be … [Read more…]

Creating a Unified Ubuntu Experience

On it’s own, Ubuntu is a solid desktop Linux experience. It offers ample application choices and it’s easy to use. But one area I would like to see greater focus is mirroring one desktop to another. That is, being able to find the same documents and other files I use on both desktop machines. In … [Read more…]

Hardening Ubuntu Security

Ubuntu security isn’t difficult: Hardening your Ubuntu installation is usually a straight forward process. Yet sometimes in our haste, we forget to address important security measures early on. In this article I’ll share my essential Ubuntu security hardening techniques. (Read the rest at

State of VoIP in Linux

Like most people, I find myself using the same VoIP options everyone else is using. Thankfully, these days there are far more options available than what we might think. Today, I’ll look at these options and also explore up-and-coming alternatives as well. (Read the rest at

15 Must Have Ubuntu Enhancements

Anytime I’m forced to use Windows or OS X I instantly find myself missing the specific features I enjoy on the Linux desktop. More specifically, it’s the post-installation enhancements that make using someone else’s computer near painful. In this article, I’ll share my favorite Ubuntu Linux enhancements and how I use them to get more … [Read more…]

Linux Remote Desktop Roundup

Over the years I’ve found that a significant hurdle to getting family and friends to switch to Linux comes from its lack of familiarity. This is especially true when it comes to troubleshooting any issues. Obviously, when a malfunction occurs it’s not always possible to be there in person. However thanks to the wonders of … [Read more…]

Married and Amused Break

So where the heck in the next episode? Coming soon — Amanda has been fighting off a nasty cold. If all goes well, we hope to be back into the swing of things in the coming week or perhaps the coming weekend. Show’s still very much alive, just been fighting off the last of winter’s … [Read more…]