Visual Studio Code For Linux: What it Means

According to various sources, Linus Torvalds once said: “If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I’ve won.” Well if this quote is in fact valid, then Linus has indeed won. In this article, we’ll examine whether or not the war was won or if this is merely a battle to prolong Microsoft’s reign … [Read more…]

Where the hell is HowTo Linux?

(No longer part of this project, see details here)   Nearly every day this month, I’ve received daily emails that look a lot like this one. Hey Matt, So I heard from Chris today that HowToLinux is coming really soon. I’m wondering just if that’s means May soon or June soon, because I know last … [Read more…]

Linux Freedom vs. Convenience

Without question, the past few years have been huge for the Linux desktop. From Docker containers to Valve’s Steam software making additional games available for Linux users, it’s been a wild ride. In this article, I want to touch on the sensitive subject of Linux freedom vs. Linux convenience. (Read the rest at

Linux T-Shirt is HERE!

Linux T-Shirt is HERE! As promised, my FREEDOM Linux T-Shirt has launched and is available right now. After weeks of intensive trials, designs, quality checks and so forth…this is what we feel best represents Linux on our collective chests! If this shirt is successful, this little guy will become the brand for something amazing going … [Read more…]

If Windows Goes Open Source

Recently there has been concern surrounding the possibility that one day Windows could be open source. The previous CEO of Microsoft stated point blank that he viewed the concept of open source as a cancer. Is this about-face an indication that Microsoft has evolved and accepts that open source provides far greater value? Even more … [Read more…]

Teespring Shirt Update

Soon, most likely Monday….the T-Shirt will be unleashed onto Teespring. In the meantime, here are both sides of my “Fest-ready” postcard handouts…minus the completed url as I haven’t pushed the button on the campaign yet. My photo doesn’t do these cards justice. Amanda really outdid herself with these.

Desktop Linux Made Easy

Ask any casual Linux enthusiast whether Linux is easy to use and they’ll tell you once installed, it’s very simple to navigate. The problem with the Linux desktop in 2015 isn’t how easy the desktop environment(s) are to work with, but whether the applications provided are easy enough for the average user at a workstation. (Read … [Read more…]

LinuxGameCast Weekly EP138 – Hartley Interesting

Are you looking for an episode with missed lines, a confused guest-host and ample WTF — then the first 10 minutes will fill you ear-holes with ample success. The rest turned out pretty well, though. To be ultimately fair, it had already been a long day…and I’m clearly getting old. (Shownotes)  

The Open Source Funding Conundrum

Every time I hear of another great open source project shutting its doors, I hold my breath in hopes it will be forked. Sadly though, this isn’t a great plan for all projects. Sometimes these projects are rich in users but poor in developers. In this article, I’ll explore this issue and what can be … [Read more…]