Debian vs. Fedora

Debian and Fedora both offer a lot to those who want to learn more about Linux. Both distros are considered to be more advanced than newbie friendly distributions, however, they also target completely different types of users. This article offers a contrast between the two distributions. Debian stable, unstable and testing One of the first … [Read more…]

2016 was the Best Year for Linux

2016 was unequivocally Linux’s best year yet. It’s on more devices than ever before and more secure than ever before. Were there embarrassing moments along the way? Yes, I kept reasonably close to the news and watched a few of these evolve and get patched as quickly as they were found. I’d also like to … [Read more…]

NVIDIA Linux Video Game Tearing Fix

Today’s quick tip should help you to deal with a common NVIDIA video issue that plagues many of us. Some things to consider before going forward include: 1) You’re using X11 and NOT Wayland. 2) This addresses horizontal video game tearing that affects many Linux gamers using NVIDIA cards with the current proprietary video drivers. … [Read more…]

Linux 2016 – The Year of the Hard Shift

I’m just going to come out and say it. This thing is being rushed because my thoughts are not exactly careening from stream-to-stream. I am so burned out waiting for the moment when Linux finally catches up with the rest of the tech industry.   I know there are a lot of you out there … [Read more…]

Linux 2017 – Looking Ahead

As the year 2016 draws nearer to a close, I would like to offer some thoughts about the last year in Linux and maybe even dare to make a few predictions for 2017. Please do keep in mind that nothing I say herein is based in any hard fact but rather comes from my own … [Read more…]

Make Ubuntu Work Like ChromeOS

It might surprise some of you that with a little effort, you can make Ubuntu work like ChromeOS. Best of all, you can do so and still keep Ubuntu’s advantages. In this article, I’ll share some tips and thoughts on how you can run Ubuntu with similar features to those found in ChromeOS. ChromeOS apps … [Read more…]

My dog Murphy had his spleen removed today

As described in my previous post, my dog Murphy had his spleen removed today. There was a huge growth on it that was pressing against his stomach. Surgery was a success, however the cost was huge. Deets here: To pay for the cost, (over $2000) along with post surgery and treatment going forward, my … [Read more…]

Software to Record Linux Tutorials

Today Dan writes: Matt I have long wavered between Linux Mint/Ubuntu/Windows. With the onslaught of privacy invasion from Windows 10. The decision has been made to run desktops from Linux Mint and keep my headless Ubuntu Servers. My question: what apps do you use to record/stream your desktop while using your camera to insert your … [Read more…]