Out with Synapse in with Albert!

Okay, so perhaps Synapse is still around and kicking. And when it’s not segfault(ing) for no reason whatsoever, it’s a great keyboard launcher! Unfortunately, my patience has run thin enough with it that I’ve decided it was time to part ways – for good.

Over the past week or so, I spent a fair amount of time looking at alternatives. I tried Kupfer, GnomeDo, among a few others. None of them really hit home for me personally. All I wanted to do was launch applications and find documents easily. Then I discovered Albert!

In this piece, I’m going to be reviewing a very simple, but highly colorful keyboard launcher called Albert.

What the heck is a keyboard launcher?

In my humble opinion, a keyboard launcher is the single best invention for the PC since the introduction of the mouse. Instead of spending lots of time bouncing through menus looking for documents, applications, pictures and other related items, a keyboard launcher allows you to access all of these things with a few keystrokes. (Read the rest)