Operation Freedom Penguin

Attention: Freedom Penguin site is now LIVE!


Thank you everyone!


Your contributions to my earlier Teespring campaign meant I was able to get a badly needed item on my car repaired. How is this Linux related?

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This allowed me to complete some local website gigs out of town…which has allowed me to pay myself for the initial man hours for Operation Freedom Penguin.

.Operation Freedom Penguin

Those site gigs in conjunction with other gigs, has allowed me to take some badly needed next steps to launch my most ambitious project yet.

At this time, Married and Amused is on hiatus. It’s not dead, but we’re full speed ahead right now on other things and it had to be put on hold.

I decided to share this today, as I want to maintain a transparent relationship with my followers here. I think when I solicit your support, it’s important you know those funds are going to something important.

Operation Freedom Penguin will be rolling out on a website as “phases.” As it grows, I’ll be updating you here and soon, you too, you will be tapped to become part of the operation.

What is it then?

  • It’s NOT a podcast. While video may be used, it will be short and complementary to the larger mission.
  • It’s not a t-shirt shop. We may do merch at some point, but this isn’t the mission or the idea behind the project.

What is it, then?

Stay tuned, stay subscribed to find out.



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