Open call to the polls — calling all Linux enthusiasts!

So I have a project I’d like to bring to life, however it requires a bit of fund(age) to make happen.

Over the past few days, I’ve been tirelessly looking at Linux specific trends, and playing with specific Linux hinting T-shirt designs I might test the waters with using Teespring.

Each design is very carefully thought out, work-safe and has a twist of my own brand of dry wit for a touch of silliness. With that in mind, I need EVERYONE to please take this poll and help me to figure out the way forward. Thanks!

(Exclusive to subscribers and readers of this site) Something I haven’t announced yet, is the idea of┬átaking a poll vote on potential designs BEFORE putting the campaigns up. Two benefits here: First, you’re getting designs YOU want. Second, it ensures a higher likelihood of a successful campaign.

Now go vote!

~~Poll Link – Click Here~~