Old Vista Laptop Into A Linux ZFS File Server Part 3

In the previous article, I showed you how to install Lubuntu 14.04 64-bit and install the important bits of Samba and the ZFS filesystem. In this article, I will give you the interesting details on how to get your Probox-connected disks up and running as a ZFS RAID10, starting with (1) disk and growing to a full 4-disk RAID10 in real-time. Please note: Follow these steps at your own risk. I take no responsibility for data loss! You will need to be careful and make sure you are using the right disks when entering administration commands.

It’s a common misconception that you can’t “grow” a ZFS RAIDZ. In fact, if you already have a RAIDZ, RAIDZ2, etc you can expand the free space – but only if you essentially duplicate the existing configuration, or replace the disks one at a time with bigger ones…(Read the rest)