Office upgrades and a birthday

Time to upgradeWhat a year! Freedom Penguin continues to rage on with some new writers now contributing. Plus, there is a new “something-something” that will find a home on “” here very soon. More on this as it develops. Bryan and I have brand new episodes of Linux & Whatnot ready to record starting Monday (likely released Tues). And of course, I’m back at the helm myself prepping some new Freedom Penguin articles myself.

As a surprise side effect, I’ve also found myself upgrading some of my hardware. My Internet connection at the WAN level may be top notch (fiber), however my LAN is a bit of a mess. To address this, I’ve setup a Pfsense box and created a dedicated dual-band wifi access point (article on this to come). The improvement in both security and performance is good. But it could be better. I’m in need of a single dedicated switch in place of the clown-show bundle of routers-turned-switches, replacements for old CAT5 cable so I can get proper network performance and external wifi network dongles…for future Freedom Penguin articles demonstrating Wireshark, etc.

In the past, I’ve had success putting out a “wish list” on Amazon of stuff I need. And since my birthday is next week, the timing just made sense. I guess folks might think it’s pretty weird that I want “work stuff” for a birthday wish list. I’d counter with the fact that I enjoy doing what I do and this would help me to do it better.

Wish list:


Thanks, everyone and keep an eye out for new additions coming to my projects here soon.