My dog Murphy had his spleen removed today

Murphy a few years agoAs described in my previous post, my dog Murphy had his spleen removed today. There was a huge growth on it that was pressing against his stomach.

Surgery was a success, however the cost was huge. Deets here:

To pay for the cost, (over $2000) along with post surgery and treatment going forward, my wife put together this campaign to help raise funds. Please read the item description on the Etsy page for the item below.

I appreciate any financial contributions and shares. The print is awesome and anyone that orders one will be pleased. I honestly don’t ask for much, but we’re in need of your help.

My wife put the store on standby months ago, due to other pursuits. But as of today, it’s back to help smooth over this unforseen expense.

Those who want to order a print: You will receive this custom print created by my wife in the image of our dog, Murphy.

If you simply want to help, without receiving a print, you can donate here via the Freedom Penguin donorbox.