Manjaro Left Me Cold

 I had a short but intense affair with Manjaro that ended in our going our separate ways. It was not I who ended what seemed to be a promising relationship, though. Obviously, Manjaro had had enough of me after only 4 days and left me cold. I’m still confused as to just what happened but I will recount my experiences as best as I can. The breakup is so fresh in my mind that it still stings to think about it for long but I shall endure the pain for you, Dear Reader.
Manjaro is a project that launched in mid-2011 with the goal of being new-user friendly while offering the many benefits of an Arch base and a rolling release model. Manjaro maintains their own repositories but users have access to the Arch User Repositories, which contain just about every single piece of software ever coded for the Linux platform. What a great idea, huh? (Read the rest)