Locked into Outlook on Linux

Today L writes,

I use LinuxMint MATE on a 2nd pc dual booting with Ubuntu Unity 14.04 (soon to be MATE 16.04) but my main pc runs Windows 8.1 (pardon the expression…)
The only thing keeping me from ditching Windows is that i use Outlook 2010 and have many .PST files with email, calendar, and contacts which I need to keep.
I have googled replacements for Outlook such as Thunderbird and Evolution both of which would work going forward but have not found any app that can read and convert the proprietary MS .PST files. There was one app that escapes me that was able to convert the email in the .PST to a format that Evolution could read but it did NOT retain my subfolder structure which is how i keep things straight. It put ALL the individual subfolder contents into 1 huge Inbox. So that doesn’t help me.

One alternative would be to run Win7 in a Virtual Machine but i really don’t want to do that. So do you know how I can convert .PST files keeping the folder/subfolder structure and bring my Outlook Calendar over?
Thanks and sorry for long-winded…

Many years ago, I was in a similar situation. I was dual-booting between Windows XP and one of the popular distros of that time. In my case, it was worth it to me to simply walk away from Outlook and start over. I did this by using one of those programs for Windows you mentioned, that convert PST files into mbox. The mbox file type is compatible with just about any email client, so I was able to get everything moved into Thunderbird without much trouble. (Read the rest)