LinuxCON Kids’ day

Part of this year’s LinuxCON / ContainerCON in Toronto was a full day program called Kids’ Day. Its purpose was to foster an interest in technology among junior nerds and the children of their nerd parents (raises hand). My 12 and 15 year olds were keen to lay hands on some hardware and hang out with like-minded instructors, so we signed up.

What we did not know at the time was that the program was organized by Kids on Computers (@kidsoncomputers,, a charity dedicated toward bringing technology to communities where it doesn’t exist and where there is no internet access. Much of the first part of the session involved having the kids wipe Windows from a bunch of donated laptops and install GNU/Linux on them before they were to be shipped to Mexico as part of this endeavor. By my count, 17 kids were given flash drives with Ubermix ( and were walked through the steps to boot off of the flash drive, select the script that did the nuking and paving. I imagined I could smell the uranium and asphalt on the ground. (Read the rest)