Linux T-shirt UK EU Now LIVE

For those across the pond in the UK and in surrounding areas, the Teezily campaign is LIVE!

Attention non-US followers who wanted a Teespring shirt

If you’re in the EU and/or otherwise not able to purchase able to purchase a Freedom Tee due to the crazy shipping from Teespring, fear not — you have been heard and here is the solution.

Slightly different colour scheme, but a proper Linux Freedom t-shirt nonetheless.Reserve, share and repeat. Enjoy!

This shirt will contribute to my personal project, Operation Freedom Penguin (currently under development, details later) and has a low enough “reserve quota” that it will go to print at 10 shirts reserved.

This campaign and all related campaigns are a operation ONLY and not affiliated with other people, projects or productions.

Reserve, share and repeat. Enjoy!


Teespring buyers U.S. (those who bought the shirt)

Shirts should be shipping soon it looks like, so as you get yours, hit me up here with G+, Instagram, via email with an image link, etc photos and show off your new Tees! 🙂

Thanks all