Linux Backlight Brightness Keyboard Shortcuts

Today Joe H. writes,

Hi there, really enjoy your site. I love using Linux and have tried various distros but still consider myself a newbie. My problem is that when I log on, no matter what OS, I have a dull screen on my laptop and have to adjust the brightness button. Ok no big deal with the likes of Mint, Ubuntu, etc, but with the lesser used distros I can’t find the brightness button, and so stops me using these distros. I am guessing this is the fault of the laptop (Acer). Is there a permanent fix? Can it be done in the bios or in a terminal? Would love to solve this problem but so far cannot find the correct answer, (having tried various wrong ideas). Thanks for any reply, Joe. (Liverpool, England).

Hi Joe! This is a frustration point, as each laptop seems to take a different approach to setting the brightness. Because it sounds like you’re wanting to keep the screen bright as it can go for better visibility. The first approach I will show you is an older technique but will provide you with full brightness upon every reboot. (Read the rest)