Linux Audio Podcast Software

Today Ole writes,

Hi Matt, I have checked out the list of software on Datamation, but I did not find much more than audacity for recording podcasts, can you please help me? I need good recording software and a program for making the podcast feed, thanks.

Hi Ole,

The good news is that you asked the right guy. Years ago, I actually co-founded and co-produced an audio Podcast called “Weezy and the Swish“. It was an interview program hosted by two (actual) comedians. We used to joke the show was about comedy-casting, but I digress.

The ladies had the benefit of a genuine audio engineer at their disposal. He would handle the recording itself and then send me the FLAC files upon completion. We used this file type, as it was uncompressed and allowed me to compress it down to mp3 format for distribution. With the mp3s ready to go, I only needed to get the audio added to the RSS feed that would then signal iTunes and other podcasting destinations. (Read the rest)