Linux Amazon Music Woes

Today Carey writes:

Hi Matt,

I’ve been a Linux convert since April 2015 and have tried several OS’s beginning with Chalet, then Peppermint, Zorin, Q4OS, Lite, Ms-15, Manjaro and now Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I even bought a laptop, dumped WIN 10 and loaded all of the above listed Os’s and now finally just Mate 16.04. I still have WIN 7 Pro on my desktop and will build a new Cube box this Summer and I want to only have Linux but I will not be able to purchase my music from Amazon as I’ve been doing for years. With that being so, I’m probably going to have to dual-boot Mate 16.04 and WIN 7 Pro UNLESS you can direct me to some method to solely use Linux and be able to still use Amazon’s Music downloads? Can you help or provide guidance on this issue?


Hi Carey,

I completely get where you’re coming from. Like you, I still buy from Amazon Music even though many folks have suggested using Google Play Music instead. Don’t get me wrong, I use the Streaming service for music from Google. But since I find myself being gifted with Amazon gift cards with each holiday, my musical purchases remain with Amazon.

So here’s the good news – it’s still perfectly doable to purchase music from Amazon. What isn’t working any longer is the once-famed Amazon Music downloader application. This application was discontinued. (Read the rest)