Is Linux Too Dumbed Down?

Over the years, I’ve heard some people claim that Linux is finally ready for the masses. I would suggest that outside of a completely locked down OS such as ChromeOS (which is Linux powered), no OS is genuinely ready for the masses. Instead, it has been my experience that the masses should stick to tablets and Chromebooks.

Smartphones make us dumb

I can see how my view of most computer users would seem a bit harsh. But I’d also be the first to point out that using smartphones have made all of us “dumb” in the sense that our complacency is at an all time high. Comparatively speaking, the difference between smartphones and PCs in terms of root access is night and day.

On a computer, running Linux…root is a mere command away from any terminal. With iOS or Android, you must gain access to a deeper level of the phone in order to have this sort of power. It’s not nearly as simple and therein lays the comparative difference. (Read the rest at Datamation)