Howto LINUX Updates

(No longer part of this project, see details here)


A few of you have emailed me, asking about the progress of Howto LINUX. When’s it coming out, when will it be posted, how long, etc.

In this update, I’ll provide as many pertinent details as possible.

progressThe deets

– There will be 4 episodes per month, beginning in the first part of February (next month). The frequency of each episode going forward may vary from month to month.

– Each episode will be short, easy to follow and in the beginning, targeting beginners.

– Each episode will be designed to teach you how to accomplish tasks. From learning the tools needed to get the task done, to accomplishing the task itself.

– Additional context on the way forward, can be found here via q5sys.

– We’re building up a catalog that if done well, should stand the test of time. This provides a resource for folks to revisit anytime to brush up.

– If you have topic ideas you’d like to see included, feel free to ping me at matt (at) jupiterbroadcasting Dot com. We may not be able to utilize your suggestion right away, but it could become a tutorial in a future segment.

– To be among the first to know when the first episode is released, be sure to subscribe to one of the following:

  • The RSS feed for Howto LINUX.
  • Jupiter Broadcasting on YouTube.
  • Any of the subscription options from my home page; social, RSS, email. (Click, then click “See more”)

See you soon!