Google Fuchsia: Inside Google’s new ‘Fuchsia’ OS

(Written on Aug 22nd, 2016)

What is Google Fuchsia? That’s a question being asked a lot – recently techies have been abuzz about a new operating system called Fuchsia being developed by, yes, Google. Here’s what we’ve been told:

  • It’s not based on Linux.
  • It’s using the Dart scripting language.
  • It’s a command line only experience at the moment.
  • You can navigate using a built in shell environment.
  • The Google Fuschia documentation (minimal) is online.

Other than this, the rest of Google Fuchsia’s features and overall purpose remain unclear. In this article, I’ll share what Google might have in mind with this new OS and how Fuchsia’s potential might affect existing platforms. (Read the rest)