Freedom Penguin Reset Switch And Retooling

Operation Freedom PenguinAfter much work, I decided I needed to downsize my initial plans for Freedom Penguin. At the time of its inception, I had hoped to address stuff like open source funding, project promotion and other related activities. Unfortunately, my other gigs are keeping me busy. Therefore, my time is more limited than I had anticipated.


~So here’s the plan~

Phase 1 (In process right now, launch date yet to be determined)– “Freedom Penguin — __________________.” The aforementioned is the title and the general idea behind the phase 1 project.

First up, software tours that include how they run on Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch. Every release cycle (or three months on Arch), each application’s ability to function as expected will be updated on the original overview page for each software project. I decided to make this part of phase 1 after realizing this is an area that could use proper coverage. Issues with Audacity and wxWidgets come to mind. Think of it as a “weather report” before you blindly update to a new release. As a side effect, this might also become a means of new feature discovery for Linux software.

Second, user polls will be made available to determine which applications will be next for a tour. Additional polls will be provided for “in-depth” screencast tours as well. Each screencast will be under five minutes and provided a decent walk-through of software features.

Third, voting polls and discussion will be taking place with site visitors about encouraging good FoSS projects that still use SourceForge to move on to Github or FossHub. Email campaigns, open letters, everything tactful that can be done will be to open the eyes of those who still choose to host projects at SourceForge. The polls will be used to set up an order of “most important to lease important” projects to begin contacting.

Fourth, distro reviews will also be offered when possible. No promises as to frequency, but I see these happening shortly.

Phase 2 (late summer/early fall 2015) – A Patreon component will be provided to monetize the project. All active Patreon contributors will have exclusive access to “Matt’s Weekend Project” series. These will be screencast tours of projects from everything how to set up a working Zoneminder installation to installing and playing EmulationStation with a Raspberry Pi. Included in the project list: recording your terminal interaction as an animated image, turning your Pi into an ad-blocker for your network, automating your computer to run itself for basic tasks, Bluetooth proximity hacks, control your mouse using your eyeballs, “auto-magically” reboot a modem/router if the Internet does down, plus much, much more. Needless to say, it will pay to become a Patreon contributor when the time comes. Additional Patreon rewards will also be included, but aren’t ready to be announced yet.

Phase 3  (winter / 2015/16) – To be announced in due time.