Freedom Penguin Launches This Coming Week

Operation Freedom Penguin

UPDATE: Freedom Penguin is LIVE!


After what has felt like an eternity, Freedom Penguin is just days away from being 100 % ready.

So what took so long? Offline tech gigs. Thankfully, those offline gigs are completed and I am now putting my laser focus into this project. With any luck, we’re able to make this into something really exciting for everyone!

With the re-tooling completed, I’ve also brought on some very talented contributors to make the project even better. Topics covered by the contributors will range from “think pieces” to newbie help and advanced Linux topics.┬áMy own contributions will range from software stability and feature reviews to useful user tips and cool Linux project ideas. Everyone involved in the project has extensive experience with Linux and all of us are chomping at the bit to get started. One thing is for sure, Freedom Penguin will be an ever-evolving, living/breathing community project dead set on releasing some awesome surprises for everyone that participates!

If you haven’t already, subscribe below and when we’re ready, I’ll announce when the site goes live into production mode.


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