future and past


Greeting all,

So by now, most of you know my last day at the Linux Action Show is January 25th. And with this, I’ll be taking over as the host of HowTo LINUX in February.

So what does this mean and what does this NOT mean? Let me break it down as follows.

  • I will continue to be the co-host of LINUX Unplugged; absolutely nothing changes there.
  • HowTo LINUX is going to be completely different from previous episodes. Think short, easy to follow HowTo tutorials.
  • I’m working closely with q5sys (the show’s producer) to provide the best possible tutes out there. I can’t make it clear enough how awesome it is having q5 help with this — without him, this wouldn’t be happening.
  • GeekandTheGamer, the YouTube show my nephew and I did is officially dead. He’s moved onto being 18 years old and I’ve moved on as well.
  • Going forward, my wife and I will be producing a silly show of sorts in its place.
  • The show we’re working on (my wife and I) is NOT a Jupiter Broadcasting production, rather, something half-baked we came up with on our own.
  • This show’s content (wife’s show) will be in audio format with a screen share in video and will likely feature random stuff like us taking compatibility quizzes (and making fun of one another), comical online observations and opinions, along with other weird stuff we come up with. It’s pretty up in the air and it’s just for fun. We’re still bouncing around the end path for it.

I think that about does it for updates for the moment. As things continue to develop, I’ll be posting it here. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any updates, head over to this site’s home page, click See More and SUBSCRIBE. If you use an email subscription, you MUST remember to click the verify link that will come to your email account. Subscribers only receive my article updates and updates such as this one. My list is opt-in only and not sold to third parties.

To those of you who VERIFIED their email subs, good work. Some of you still need to do so, however – junk folders folks; Gmail, check Updates folder. 🙂


Thanks all and I’ll see ya’ll Sunday!