Flash Isn’t Dead Yet

Sure, it may give us the creeps while annoying us to no end. Hell, it may even be a danger to those around it….but it also gives us access to cool stuff. Anyone claiming Flash is no longer needed is not taking media consumption into account.

Your local news

Admittedly, I still (occasionally) depress myself by watching the local news. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the concept; rather, it’s the delivery that frustrates me. For most folks, the local news is provided by cable, satellite or perhaps OTA (over the air) antenna.

Then there are cord cutters like myself who sadly, live in valley making anything OTA a complete impossibility. So on those super rare occasions (such as snow days, checking for road conditions) that I do watch the news, I prefer to do so from my PC. I then open up my Firefox browser and guess what – it requires Flash. No HTML5 video alternatives like with YouTube. Nope, it’s Flash or go home. (Read the rest)