Finding Solace in Solus Linux

There are so many reasons why you might want to try a new distribution. For all intents and purposes, the desktop has very few jobs when it comes to the “average” user. You need a desktop that:

  • Runs a web browser; and if you’re a Google Docs user, you can skip the next item!
  • Runs a productivity suite.
  • (Optional) Can run a casual game or two.
  • Can do these few jobs reliably and securely.

That’s it! And it doesn’t hurt that it looks nice and runs fast. It’s not that you’re less demanding. You just want something that works. I know. We’re all sick of hearing that expression.

This week I chose to immerse myself in Solus, a Linux operating system that doesn’t rely on another Linux OS as a base. Rather, it’s engineered from the kernel out and geared toward a safe, reliable desktop experience. (Read the rest)