ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

 Written by Bradley Kayl:

In this installment of “What Can I Blow My Cash On Today Using Only the Internet”, I humbly submit to you the offerings of the one and only Arduino Company, makers of the Arduino and Genuino line of wildly successful maker boards. The mad scientists at that now famous lab have knocked it out of the park with their latest. They’ve concocted a way for you and I to easily start slapping components together to make an IoT gizmo of our very own with little or no previous experience in software or hardware—kinda like Lego, but with more Buzz! and with Humidity Readings! The way they’ve envisioned to do this is to break key functions of a device into easily connectible modules which then allow you to arrange them as you see fit to achieve an end device. So, slap a couple of modules together clickety-clack and BAM! you’re talking to space aliens! (Note: ability to talk to space aliens may vary). They’re calling the project ESLOV (for the life of me I can’t find what this stands for, but there you have it). (Read the rest)