Effective Communication in Podcasting

Internet based New Media (YouTube, podcasts, etc) is the number one way that people learn about Linux and Open Source software. Linux, as a concept, lacks a marketing department because it’s a community supported project and not a company. Granted, there are companies who distribute Linux, like Canonical and Red Hat but they don’t buy big splashy ad campaigns. That leaves the vital task of spreading the word about Linux squarely on the shoulders of the Linux Community itself.

Every student of broadcasting knows the name Edward R. Murrow. He was a key player in the early days of broadcast news starting around 1930 and he was certainly the most respected radio and TV news person of the 1950’s. Ed gave a very famous speech to the Radio and TV News Directors Association convention held in Chicago in October, 1958. Mr. Murrow was not one for such speeches but he gave this one to lay out what he thought was the state of Radio and TV news at the time and where it might go in the future. Ed could not have foreseen the miraculous advances in communication that have come in the nearly 60 years that has gone by but I could not help but here his voice in my heads I prepared my notes for the video featured here. One passage from that speech seems to ring more true today than it did back in 1958…(Read the rest)