Docker and Micro Services

In the devops space it is hard to deny that docker is currently the hot tool that everyone is talking about. In this article, I will give a quick introduction to what docker is, why it is useful, and a quick real life example of what it takes to deploy a python web application with a redis database, served in isolated docker containers.

What is Docker?
Docker is simply a lightweight OS-level virtualisation tool that utilises the linux kernel to isolate or contain a service without the use of more heavyweight virtual machines. Although it is not necessarily new or revolutionary technology, due to being fast, robust and functional it has taken the devops world by a storm.

What are Micro Services?
Micro Services are a great way to develop and deploy modern applications. They allow decoupling and separation of concerns in a software. This means that different parts of an application can be created, deployed or even scaled separately, allowing quick and continuous updates and delivery of the application to live production systems. (Read the rest)