Coming soon….Married And Amused


After snorting pixie sticks and slamming espresso shooters for a few weeks now, my wife (Amanda) and I are just about ready to launch our new audio show. It has a proper format, is clever as hell and you will subliminally find yourself subscribing to it.

With its first episode scheduled for release this Saturday, Married And Amused is a show about random stuff that amuses us…we’re clever like that. There will be laughing, snorting, wisecracking and demonstrating other shenanigans throughout each episode.

Segment ideas will include

  • The two of us taking “relationship” quizzes, really cheesy ones, and failing HARD. We share the results on the show. Hilarity ensues.
  • Weird news — we discuss events while offering our own “insights.” First episode has some great stuff.
  • Sh!t my spouse does might also become a regular segment. This depends on how much material we have…and if we can do it without divorcing one another in the process. 😉
  • Occasional video games might also be played, titles to be determined. Games will be displayed on YouTube.


Married And Amused will share stuff like…

– Matt’s coffee dance and his distrust of reading manufacturer instructions.

– Amanda’s need to illuminate EVERY room in the #$@%ing house and her alter-ego, DeManda.

– The secret to outside chores such as picking up dog poop — heavy metal!

Our dogs howling to the Beastie Boys on their way to the Vet’s office!

– Amanda’s case in favor of “brother husbands” and why Matt is digging his feet in for a strong F*** NO!

What you should expect from this show


  • This is NOT your typical variety show.
  • We’ve been known to say f*ck occasionally, among other colorful words. Be
  • Embarrassing stories about Matt are likely to come up because Amanda is the mistress of all evil.
  • Amanda believes most Linux distro development is powered by Cheetos and Mountain Dew.
  • Released for YouTube, we hope to have something with a proper podcast (RSS) feed next week.
  • YouTube version will have video slides & images when necessary, to better demonstrate our ability to overpower over the masses.
  • YouTube version will have the link(s) to the show notes.

So lock the doors, hide the kids, brew some coffee, and secure your safety belts…this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Details to follow this weekend.