Linux Shirt Penguin Remix

Linux Shirt Penguin Remix! Linux offers the freedom to run your computer on YOUR TERMS. Let the world know that your PC runs FREEDOM. . .out of the box. – Two t-shirt types available. – Hoodie option available. – Multiple color (colour) choices. – US and EU options available.

Unrestricted Software Freedom Shirt

Exclusive to Teespring, this shirt shows the world that you’re an individual who is designed for unrestricted software freedom. The design itself is a parody of older OS specific stickers you’ve undoubtedly seen on PCs and laptops. Wearing one of these shirts/sweatshirts demonstrates to everyone around you that you’re a software freedom supporter and care … [Read more…]

FoSS Community – Together We’re Stronger

FoSS Community – Together We’re Stronger. At, I have  put together the artwork for a t-shirt that I think best represents  something users of all distros can appreciate. Together, the FoSS  Community is stronger than we are standing alone. This campaign supports the Linux distro review show, For The Record. Wearing one of these … [Read more…]

My dog Murphy had his spleen removed today

As described in my previous post, my dog Murphy had his spleen removed today. There was a huge growth on it that was pressing against his stomach. Surgery was a success, however the cost was huge. Deets here: To pay for the cost, (over $2000) along with post surgery and treatment going forward, my … [Read more…]

Office upgrades and a birthday

What a year! Freedom Penguin continues to rage on with some new writers now contributing. Plus, there is a new “something-something” that will find a home on “” here very soon. More on this as it develops. Bryan and I have brand new episodes of Linux & Whatnot ready to record starting Monday (likely released … [Read more…]

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

The past few weeks have been crazy-productive! Two videos out, with many, many more yet to come. Video release dates aren’t set in stone since I do this in my free time. However, you can expect to see new videos up on Freedom Penguin and my YouTube channel weekly to bi-weekly. Here are the first … [Read more…]