My dog Murphy had his spleen removed today

As described in my previous post, my dog Murphy had his spleen removed today. There was a huge growth on it that was pressing against his stomach. Surgery was a success, however the cost was huge. Deets here: To pay for the cost, (over $2000) along with post surgery and treatment going forward, my … [Read more…]

Office upgrades and a birthday

What a year! Freedom Penguin continues to rage on with some new writers now contributing. Plus, there is a new “something-something” that will find a home on “” here very soon. More on this as it develops. Bryan and I have brand new episodes of Linux & Whatnot ready to record starting Monday (likely released … [Read more…]

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

The past few weeks have been crazy-productive! Two videos out, with many, many more yet to come. Video release dates aren’t set in stone since I do this in my free time. However, you can expect to see new videos up on Freedom Penguin and my YouTube channel weekly to bi-weekly. Here are the first … [Read more…]

Best-laid plans

  (First half of the most recent Freedom Penguin newsletter sent out today)   No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. The saying is adapted from a line in β€œTo a Mouse,” by Robert Burns Greetings Freedom Penguin followers! I’ve learned some valuable lessons since my last … [Read more…]

Oct 31st is the big day!

Update: Due to a syncing error I missed, I’m re-shooting this time with FRAME DROPPING turned off. Sigh…it’s being re-recorded Tues the 2nd, then edited and posted asap. Things are beginning to cook here at Freedom Penguin. Great contributor submissions are flowing in, plus my own user tip articles are coming out as well. Here … [Read more…]

Testing One Two

Testing software review setup, still tweaking. Won’t use both screens during recording, for obvious reasons.Β  Did get the audio sounding good, though. Just Ask Matt will not be via webcam and will be in a different position, using an actual camera. #Ubuntu #Antergos #teaser #soon