Linux Cloud Servers Explained

Over the years, there has been a lot of mixed information as to what Linux cloud servers actually mean. This article aims to clear the air once and for all with a concise explanation while providing you with a list of Linux cloud server resources from which you can investigate for yourselves. Yes, the term … [Read more…]

Old Vista Laptop Into A Linux ZFS File Server

You might be surprised at how much potential for usefulness still remains in older equipment. My wife’s old laptop originally booted with Windows Vista, which (apart from being a generally substandard OS – Microsoft employees ran into so many problems with it, they reportedly didn’t even use it internally*) is no longer supported*(2). Mainstream support … [Read more…]

Does Adobe Hate Linux?

As the press prepares to cover the release of Ubuntu 17.04, it should be clear in the tech industry just how big of a player Ubuntu is to the ecosystem. While a good bit of reviews will focus on what’s new in the release and what’s headed down the pipeline, I’d like to comment on … [Read more…]

Effective Communication in Podcasting

Internet based New Media (YouTube, podcasts, etc) is the number one way that people learn about Linux and Open Source software. Linux, as a concept, lacks a marketing department because it’s a community supported project and not a company. Granted, there are companies who distribute Linux, like Canonical and Red Hat but they don’t buy … [Read more…]

Ubuntu Bluetooth Headphones Fix

After extensive testing and research, I have put together a complete work-around for playing high-quality audio through Bluetooth headphones using the Blueman Bluetooth application. I haven’t bothered testing this with other Bluetooth applications. If memory serves me, the alternative Bluetooth apps lack the ability to choose audio profiles – but I might be wrong. Going … [Read more…]

Linux Networking with Connect2SSH

Connect2SSH is a BASH based script that allows for easier and quicker management of SSH and SSHFS sessions to unlimited hosts. Jeremy O’Connell at CyperWeb Solutions is like many system administrators out there. He rides heard on a lot of servers, Including the EzeeLinux web server. Jeremy transitioned his entire operation over to Ubuntu MATE … [Read more…]

Are You Ready For Linux?

Linux on the Desktop is well past the stage of being a plaything for computer hobbyists but it still isn’t at the stage where it could be considered completely mainstream. There’s still some way to go but Linux is fast gaining ground at an accelerating pace and lots of folks are looking at it as … [Read more…]