Build Your Own Linux Cloud Alternative

Lately it seems like cloud computing is all the rage. Unfortunately, the cloud computing bandwagon has completely forgotten about users with limited connectivity.

This article will dive head first into solutions that allow folks to enjoy the advantages of running their own personal cloud without relying on off-site servers.

ownCloud (Google Drive) – We’ve all experienced the thrill that comes from using Google Drive. But did you know you can run your own? By installing ownCloud on a local server within your LAN, you’re able to utilize many of the same features found with Google Drive without any Internet access whatsoever. Unlike LibreOffice though, you’re also able to share file assets and even collaborate on your document edits.

You’ll have additional features you might have used with Google such as access to a calendar, contacts, galleries and even an activity feed. Nearly anything you would need Google Drive for, ownCloud is a suitable substitute and it’ll work on your local network even without Internet access. (Read the rest at Datamation)