Bryan Lunduke and Matt Hartley – The Boys Are Back

After some “going back and forth”, Bryan and I have decided it was high time we did a proper show together. Here are the details you need to know. Yes, it’s actually happening!

New show, baby! New weekly show!

I’ve teamed up with the ever-adorable +Matt Hartley to create a video-only show we call “Lunduke & Whatnot (with Matt)”.

A few things worth noting:
– No advertisements. At all. Ever. Because there are too many nerdy podcasts that are chock full of advertisements. And that sucks.
– No show “segments”. One big block of Matt & I talking with interesting people about a single, cool topic.

In the first episode, we brought on fellow-cool-kid +Michael Hall (community manager for +Canonical and +Ubuntu) to talk about the Ubuntu tablet experience. I’ve had the BQ 10-inch tablet for a little while and I’ve got some thoughts I wanted to bounce off him.

So be sure to subscribe to Bryan’s YouTube channel. We’ll also be sharing each episode on and