Best Web Browsers for the Linux Desktop

If there was one software category where Linux has the most abundance, it’s the great selection of web browsers available. In this article, I’ll share what I believe to be the best web browsers available for the Linux desktop.

Firefox – First up is Firefox. I’ve been a Firefox user off and on for many years. What drew me to Firefox initially was the fact that it just worked. Using Firefox, I can extend its functionality by installing extensions. I happen to be a fan of Google Translator for Firefox and Tab Mix Plus.

I also love some of the integrated features provided by Firefox. Pocket is one such feature, as it allows its users to save articles or videos to be enjoyed later on. Firefox also provides a great built-in video chat client using modern web standards. It’s called Firefox Hello and it works on any modern operating system, even without a Firefox Hello account.

Midori – If you’re looking for a browser that balances between attractive and lightweight, then Midori might be a good fit for you. You’ll find Midori gives you modern tabbed browsing that also works well on older PCs with less resources. (Read the rest at Datamation)