Bacon and Linux

The first rule of bacon in my house is not to allow anything labeled bacon to enter the building. Real bacon, the best bacon, comes from the meat section and says something like “sliced pork belly” on the vacuum sealed packaging label. This bacon is thick cut. The perfect thickness for cooking over the grill and topping off a juicy cheeseburger. The aroma of grill smoke plus bacon filling the air only increases the appetite. Go ahead and add another two, four, or ten slices. Bacon is awesome.

At some point in my lifetime, computers changed from computational devices to communications devices. I still remember hooking up two desktop computers using a serial cable to play Warcraft II. Not world of Warcraft. Warcraft III. I also remember debating in high school about which network technology was best. Novell anyone?

As communications devices we expect computers to connect us to ideas and interfaces around the world. We had a book series growing up of pictures from our solar system blown up to full page awesomeness. What’s there not to love about Saturn? How cool is it that now you can pull down daily raw images from another planet from a phone in your pocket? And remember when your math teacher said you’d never carry a calculator around and you’d have to learn to do math? Take that Mrs. Brimblecombe! (Read the rest)