Attributes of Effective Project Managers

Written by Jacob Roecker:

In most work spaces, individuals are at least partially motivated by their salary to contribute to the project for which they are assigned.  Leaders may possess various and commendable attributes in this scenario but they have the ability to leverage salary to motivate others.  What happens when the salary isn’t there and how does it change the attributes of effective project managers?

I’m a fan of open source software development and have been following some projects for several years through various iterations of development.  Recently, I had the opportunity to interview two of the project managers prominent in the open source community.  The first was Martin Wimpress who manages the Ubuntu MATE project and Frank Karlitschek now the project manager for NextCloud.  In both interviews, I got a peek at the attributes that have helped make these individuals successful project managers of a nearly all volunteer workforce.  I’d like to share three that are often overlooked for projects that rely heavily on volunteers. (Read the rest)