Android vs. iPhone: Pros and Cons

The question of Android vs. iPhone is a personal one.

Take myself, for example. I’m someone who has used both Android and the iPhone iOS. I’m well aware of the strengths of both platforms along with their weaknesses. Because of this, I decided to share my perspective regarding these two mobile platforms. Additionally, we’ll take a look at my impressions of the new Ubuntu mobile platform and where it stacks up.

What iPhone gets right

Even though I’m a full time Android user these days, I do recognize the areas where the iPhone got it right. First, Apple has a better record in updating their devices. This is especially true for older devices running iOS. With Android, if it’s not a “Google blessed” Nexus…it better be a higher end carrier supported phone. Otherwise, you’re going to find updates are either sparse or non-existent.

Another area where the iPhone does well is apps availability. Expanding on that: iPhone apps almost always have a cleaner look to them. This isn’t to say that Android apps are ugly, rather, they may not have an expected flow and consistency found with iOS. Two examples of exclusivity and great iOS-only layout would have to be Dark Sky (weather) and Facebook Paper.

Then there is the backup process. Android can, by default, back stuff up to Google. But that doesn’t help much with application data! By contrast, iCloud can essentially make a full backup of your iOS device. (Read the rest)